World Mental Health Day – 2017

“It’s so common, it could be anyone. The problem is, nobody wants to talk about it”
– Ruby Wax

Mental health can affect the way individuals feel, think and act. Mental Health includes psychological, social and emotional well-being. Mental Health issues are common however, there are many sufferers who do not seek help.

You cannot tell someone’s  Mental state from looking at them, but an individual can be going through any mental health condition at any time. There are many warning signs that you can look out for if you suspect someone around you may be suffering, here are a few;

  • A change in eating habits – eating too little, or too much
  • Using drugs/alcohol excessively
  • Constant Mood Swings
  • Arguments with close friends/family (regularly)
  • Low or no energy

There are much more warning signs but these are just a few that could help you to identify someone who may be in need of support. People suffering from Mental Health conditions tend to push people away when support is usually what they need.

There are many organisations/charities that are dedicated to helping Mental Health sufferers in the UK;

  • Samaritans – They provide emotional support for people experiencing distress and also those are feeling suicidal. Samaritans can be contacted by telephone 24 hours a day and it is free to call them. Tel: 116 123
  • The Mix – a non-judgemental service that provides support to young people aged 13-25 on various issues, including Mental Health. Their telephone lines are open from 11 am – 11 pm. Tel: 0808 808 4994
  • Mind – a service that helps people to make the correct choices and find support or treatment within their local area. There are around 140 Mind shops, providing services to locals. Lines are open Monday to Friday; 9-6pm.Tel: 0300 123 3393

We understand that dealing with Mental Health can be extremely difficult and seeking support can be daunting, but there is so much help available. Sufferers need not feel ashamed. Mental Health conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and much more are common. There are so many people in the world that can relate to how you feel.

Speaking out about what you’re feeling and how you’re feeling could really be a positive step towards recovery. And remember, your mental health is more important than anything else.